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Kennedy Early Childhood Center Summer School Program!

Kennedy Early Childhood Center Summer School Program!

In Room 101, Lerenda Dixon taught her scholars how to build a Lego Bridge. “We’re going to start out with one yellow long piece,” she said. “Then I want you to find 2 pieces with 8 pongs on it and make steps”.

The scholars quickly caught on to the steps she gave and were excited to continue putting their pieces together. As they continued to build, they stacked the legos on top of each other to build the bridge taller. To keep it from falling over, they decided to stack the blocks on top of each other to establish a foundation.

With every step, Dixon asked the scholars how to complete each task. After they finished with the legos, they moved towards building a bridge with bigger blocks. She challenged them to build on their own with a partner without her help.

Dixon is a 5th grade Practitioner at Higgins Middle School. She serves as the Engineering Practitioner during this year’s summer school program.
Dixon commends the Pre-K scholars for catching on to skills so quickly. She understands that these skills are critical to teach for scholars to start learning early. “My desire is to strengthen our K-4 science class so when they get to 5th grade we can do more project based learning rather than building foundation, she said. “The scholars have to get exposed to the science content. The key is to not always show them what to do, but to let them discover”.

The McComb School District Summer School Programs were held during the month of June Monday-Thursday from 8:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.

Provided by the McComb School District Community Engagement Department.

Kennedy Early Childhood Center News

Kennedy Early Childhood Center News

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Provided by the McComb School District Community Engagement Department.

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The mission of the McComb School District is to become a premier, world-class school system where student success is inevitable and each student is cultivated to become fierce competitors in a global society.
We Believe that:
I.     Every individual matters therefore, his or her opinions and voice should be heard, represented, and respected
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VII.  Every individual should be held accountable
VIII. Character counts

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