Parents » 2023-2024 Suggested Supply List & Dress Code

2023-2024 Suggested Supply List & Dress Code


Students will wear designated school uniforms everyday unless parents are notified otherwise. This is a requirement. No uniform
days may be scheduled for good behavior. Parents will be notified in writing upon approval from the Superintendent.

Shirts - Green, gold or white "polo" type shirts with collars are required. Students may wear official school tee shirts. All shirts
must be tucked in. The administration will determine what is official.

Shorts, slacks, skirts, or jumpers - Only khaki are allowed. Shorts, skirts, and jumpers must be finger-tip length or the parent will
be called to bring another item of clothing. No cut-offs. Shorts or pants must be hemmed.

Belts are not required for Kennedy students if their pants fit at the waistline without a belt. If students’ shorts or slacks have belt
loops, a belt must be worn.

Shoes - Students will not be allowed to wear “backless” shoes or shoes that light up. Shoes with laces must remain tied at all times.
Please try to get Velcro if your child can't tie his or her shoes. Please get new shoestrings if the ends of your child's shoestring are
frayed and will not fit through the holes on the shoes.

Jewelry - Bracelets, rings or necklaces are not allowed. Earrings may be worn by girls as long as they are not dangling or distracting.
Boys are not allowed to wear earrings. Watches may be worn unless they are promotional watches or make noise. Ear and nose rings and other piercings which may pose a safety hazard or may distract self or other children are not permitted.

Caps, hats, bandanas, scarves or head coverings of any kind - These head coverings are not allowed.

Birthday money - Children may not wear birthday money pinned to their clothing.

Book Bags - Rolling book bags are not allowed. The book bag must be worn on the child’s back. Children are not to open book
bags on the school bus in the morning or after packing them in their classes prior to getting on and while riding the bus home. Please
tell your children that notes and papers sent home are your property.

Any clothing item or accessory that may cause a distraction from the learning environment will not be allowed. The student will be
asked to remove any such item(s) and the parent will be called.

The McComb School District completes all teaching experience/employment verifictions through Verifent.